Sunday, 22 November 2009

New website now open and FREE remix album download

Hey you! 

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my proper website is now open for business!! You know what that means, the remix album i've been talking about is also available for free digital download through the new website. is the new home of everything Ghost! Music, Discography, Biography, Music Store, and anything else related to me or my music...

To launch the new website i decided to give away a remix album for free digital download. 
'Remixes from the Edge' is a compilation of remixes put together over the last last year or so, featuring Foreign Beggars, The Heavy, Dabrye feat Doom, Bonobo, AT Jazz and more. 

All tracks produced, remixed mixed and mastered by Ghost.. 

Please visit the new website, spread the link for the remixes around to all your buddies and mates! i'm doing this an an independant artist and word of mouth is very important.. 

Big thanks to Border's Music (NZ) and RDU (NZ) for there support helping me get this project out to the people. 

i'll be shutting this blog down soon as i have a blog on the new website, please change your bookmarks to the new website 

Sunday, 15 November 2009

last week radio show feat Floating Points, oDDISEE, Breakage and loads more

Back with a new radio show, free download as always. Been away and didnt do the show last week, the week before things were so hectic i didnt have chance to record. 

This week i had a chat to Oakley Grenell from Departure Lounge, they got a new album out so go check that. Very laid back Hip Hop influenced soul type jazzy shit. 

Anyway thanks to divshare being a pile of shizer i've uploaded the show to z share.  

tracklist as follows ... 

Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
OM Unit - The Corridor
Breakage feat Roots Manuva - Run Em Out
Sub Focus - Follow The Light
Fat Ray feat Black Milk, Nametag - Lookout
Alix Perez feat Ursula Rucker - Introspections
Hudson Mohawke - Spotted
Foreign Beggars - Higher
Alix Perez - ?? 
Fukkk Off - Bloodfuck
K Solo - Letterman
Logistics - ???

Friday Drive top 5 

Logistics - ???
Black Milk - Mo Power
Alix Perex feat Foreign Beggars
Oddisee feat Black Milk, Big Pooh, DJ Romes - Drugs Outside remix
Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Exclusive preview of forthcoming remix album i'm doing....

hEY people,

here we go, this is a little exclusive preview i knocked up to showcase some of the remixes on my 'Remixes from the Edge' vol 1 compilation i'll be giving away free via digital download from the new website. Bookmark now the address is

i expect to open the website at the end of November, and the full 'Remixes from the Edge' compilation will be available the day the website opens for business...

Hope that wets your appetite for some new Ghost musical journey's, i'm working on my 3rd album so this is something to keep you going til then! Big thanks to everyone who supported 'Freedom of Thought', it's nearly sold out it's original press, get one while you can, and i'll have a release in New Zealand early 2010, nice.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

my remixes album taster coming soon....

Wow, it's been a busy few weeks as always. I've been chipping away at a bunch of remixes for the last few months and i'm nearly finished. i'll be uploading a little taster of said remix album which i decided to call 'Remixes From The Edge' in the next few days, maybe the w'end if time runs away from me....

i called this little project 'Remixes From The Edge' for 3 reasons...

1/ My next album is gonna be called 'Postcards From The Edge'
2/ People always associate New Zealand with being on the other side of the world, the edge of the world. 
3/ This collection of music is mainly compiled of tracks i've been working on since leaving London last year, and people always send postcards whilst they're away! Mine are musical postcards! 

Being in a new place/space has meant i've had more time to work on music and develop my music, some of which will be showcased in the 'Remixes from the Edge' compilation, the rest you'll have to wait til the new album in 2010...

Bon voyage

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Last week's radio show free download..feat Hudson Mohawke, OM Unit, Foreign Beggars and loads more..

Here we go people, 

brand new show from last friday's drive show. Was a hectic one as always, had the cocktail section with the blokes from Winniebagoe's, Camo MC talking about his new single, guest Billy Fluid dropping a dope freestyle and the 'friday drive top 5 at 6.30pm ish' feature. i got a copy of the Hudson mohawke album off my buddy and showcased some tracks from that, and a bunch of other exclusive music to keep the show the freshest selection of electronic hip hop related beats in Aotearoa!!!

As always i try and cut a load of the chatter and adverts out but there are a few bits in here. 


Beck - Loser
DJ Signify - 1993
AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jackbeats remix)
Foreign Beggars - No More feat Kashmere and Jehst)
Logistics - Toytown
Billy Fluid freestyle (sorry vocals came out lower than expected)
Charlie Ross - Turn Around
Hudson Mohawke - Zooooom

'Friday Drive top 5 at 6.30 pm ish'

Professor Ojo - Delusion Deluxe
Dizz 1 - We Go Ridin
OM Unit - The Corridor
Foreign Beggars feat Devlin and Noisia - No Holes Barred
Hudson  Mohawke - Fruit

that'll do it for this week, bunch of new things to talk about very soon, i'll be spinning at the DIZZ 1 show in Christchurch, gig in Wellington, album release in NZ, and loads more..


Friday, 9 October 2009

new Hudson Mohawke album 'Butter'

i was just listening to the new album from Hud mo, titled 'Butter'. Lots of people touting this as the best thing since sliced bread. Taking the media hyperbole into account the dude has some serious skills. I worry that with all the media frenzy with something like this the album won't live up to the expectations people have given it.

The album is expertly crafted, sounds crisp and well produced. No doubt some great tunes on here, and i hope it does well. These days albums come and go so quickly, people buy an album, listen to it for a month and never listen to it again. This album does have longevity thank god and some depth to it.

My only gripe is that some of my favourite tracks are really short! I always hated it when people did this, like madlib doing those cd's and all the beats were too short for my liking.

But thats my personal taste, i highly encourage you go buy the album and make your own mind up, support the artists putting that work in, Hud Mo certainly has and i say fair play bro, good music and good luck.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

sending over music for the radio and stuff...

Big thanks to everyone sending me music recently..

i'll do my best to play as much as i can, big thanks to Svetlana Industries for sending some dope beats, go check them out on myspace. Just listening to a Teebs and Jackhigh joint which is crazy nice. Big thanks to OM Unit for a copy of the new EP, again check the myspace for all the details, one track in paticular is off the chain! 

Professor Ojo big up sent me a couple of joints, one called delusion deluxe is heat, defo some play on the show. And i really liked what i heard from 86 position, but i'm struggling to find a place for it in the show. Great music no doubt about it but doesn't really work in the context of the show, big up to those guys still. 

keep sending the good stuff over, i can never have enough good music to play for the show..

get in touch or send to my dropbox which is linked on this page...